Presented by Deborah Sagan, LCSW, Jeff A. Longo, LCSW, and Brandon Falkner, B.S.

How can adolescents receive the treatment they need so desperately? Adolescent substance abuse is a very challenging situation for all involvedparents, community, and school personnel in particular. Numerous barriers at home and within the school system frequently prevent adolescents from arriving at a treatment center for an evaluation, not to mention entering a rehabilitation program. Individuals in the field are all-too-familiar with the dynamics of denial, enabling, and codependency and how these issues complicate matters.

This workshop will examine strategies to thwart roadblocks to treatment, and explore actions Student Assistance Programs and substance abuse treatment providers can utilize to motivate and empower parents to get their children the help they need. Participants will be encouraged to engage in active dialogue in an environment of sharing and learning from each other.