Beth Bliss, PsyD

Conducting clinical work with sex offenders requires specific training and knowledge in this area. This clinical workshop will include information about the laws in our country and Pennsylvania, including registering and how this impacts both society and the offenders. It will also include information about the assessment of sex offenders, including the most commonly used assessment measures and things to consider when conducting these evaluations. We will then discuss treatment of sex offenders, including both group and individual counseling. Topics explored will include sex offense cycles, relapse prevention planning, the Good Lives Model, and victim empathy. These topics will be analyzed at an educational level, as well as providing specific techniques and worksheets that can be used in therapy sessions. We will analyze other important issues to consider in this work, such as internet offenders, including child pornography; working with female offenders and how this changes the process; and limits to confidentiality both in evaluations and treatment. Finally, the session will conclude with a discussion about how our culture plays a role in this chronic problem, including rape myths, victim blaming, and the sexualization of youth in our country.