Conference Related Courses

IUP is offering graduate and undergraduate Sociology and Psychology electives related to the REACH conference.

These courses will be offered during the Early Summer Session (May 13-30, 2014).

Course participants must attend all four days of the REACH conference at IUP; the rest of the course will occur online. The cost of attendance at the conference will be covered by tuition.

Understanding and Responding to Violence and Trauma

SOC 481: Open Topics (3 credits)

Instructor: Dr. Christian Vaccaro (

  • No prerequisites
  • Students will receive an overview of contemporary and current research and clinical approaches for preventing, responding to, and coping with violence and trauma across a variety of social context
  • Assignments include: readings, discussions and quizzes related to conference topics, case analysis, and a reflection paper

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Poly-Victimization: Child and Adult Advocacy Studies

PSYC 981: Special Topics (1 or 3 credits)

SOC 781/881: Special Topics (3 credits)

Instructor: Dr. Pearl Berman (

  • Prerequisites: Graduate status at IUP, Psychology Honors at IUP, or Permission from Instructor
  • Students will receive an overview of the research literature on poly-victimization including the common etiological factors that have been found across types of interpersonal violence.
  • Assignments include: related readings, case analysis

Course Syllabus