The IUP Wave Design Theme

  • The IUP wave design theme is an important element of the university’s visual identity system. The wave adds a human element and a sense of energy and motion, in addition to a strong visual cue that carries across all visual communications from IUP to its many audiences.

    IUP wave design theme

    The wave may be a primary element of a message design or quite subtle, as in the design at right. It establishes a canvas against which the university can present the stories of its students, its faculty members, its staff, its alumni, and others who make IUP a great university.

    The IUP wave was created with a great deal of flexibility built into how it may be used creatively to keep it fresh and adaptable. It is not a “cookie cutter” approach that would force the message content to fit the container—it is a contemporary design approach that allows the format to adapt to and support the message to be communicated.

    IUP wave design theme

    The IUP Wave Artwork 

    Upper Wave

    The basic “wave” is PMS 201C crimson upper and PMS 422C gray gradient lower. It may be used at the top or bottom of a marketing piece. An approved “slim” version is also available for use when available room warrants usage.

    Lower Wave

    Simple Rules of the IUP Wave 

    The wave may be flipped but should not be stretched, condensed, or manipulated in anyway.

    Text, other than short titling, should never be printed on top of the wave.

    Upper Slim Wave

    For departmental/college materials and programs, the wave may change color in accordance with the approved Pantone color for each college from the university color palette.

    Photos may be incorporated into the shape of the wave, as long as they do not impede “readability” of any university logo, artmark, or identifier.

    Lower Slim Wave

    Smaller photos may be layered on top of the wave as long as the wave continues and runs the width of the column or piece.

    The wave may be semitransparent.

    Do not intersect two or more waves.

    Do not use wave vertically.