IUP Seal

  • IUP Seal

    The IUP seal is the most formal of IUP’s graphic identifiers and is generally reserved for use in similarly formal and official documents.

    These include diplomas, awards, certificates, medals, contracts and other legal documents, class rings and other jewelry, and select merchandise and memorabilia. For most purposes, the IUP logo, the IUP wave artmark, and/or the IUP nameplate should be used rather than the IUP seal.

    The IUP seal was introduced in the early 1980s and was updated in 1999 to replace the previous Rockwell Bold typeface with Times Roman. Previous versions of the seal with the Rockwell Bold typeface should not be used.

    IUP Arch

    The IUP seal is composed of the official name of the university, the founding date, and a central shield illustrating three symbols of IUP: the Sutton belltower, representing IUP’s heritage and its original building; an oak tree, representing IUP’s distinctive Oak Grove; and an open book, a traditional symbol of higher education.

    The seal is occasionally adapted from the original artwork and incorporated into formal architecture projects (see photo of IUP Arch, right).



    The IUP seal should always be reproduced in black, IUP crimson, or IUP gray. Use of other colors, or multiple colors, is inappropriate. It should not be reversed (appearing in white) out of a color background or photo.

    Official black color of IUP seal

    IUP crimson red

    IUP Gray

    Previous Versions 

    Do not use previous versions of the IUP seal that used a different, bolder typeface (Rockwell Bold) as shown below.

    Don't use previous versions of the IUP seal

    Don't use previous versions of the IUP seal

    Don’t Dissect the Seal 

    The IUP seal is a single unit: Do not use pieces of the seal instead of the entire seal, change the typefaces or wording used, or substitute other images in place of the belltower, oak tree, or book.

    Don't dissect the seal

    Don't dissect the seal