Core IUP Elements

  • Departmental/Subunit Identity
    Colleges, departments, and offices within the university are identified by placing the name of the unit beneath the university name, using the IUP logo/IUP nameplate combination.
    IUP’s official school colors are crimson and gray, and these colors are an important part of the university’s visual identity. As such, it is important to use the correct colors consistently wherever possible.
    There are five official IUP typefaces: Garamond Light Condensed, Warnock Pro, Trajan Pro, Vectora LH, and Gill Sans.
    The IUP Wave Design Theme
    The IUP wave design theme is an important element of the university’s visual identity system.
    The Soaring Hawk Artmark
    The soaring hawk artmark provides a graphic representation of the university’s mascot, the crimson hawk, for all uses in which the IUP Athletics Crimson Hawks graphics would not be appropriate.
    IUP Nameplate
    The nameplate is used in support of the primary IUP identifiers, and there is a graphic system for combining both into a single unit to clearly communicate that IUP is Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
    IUP Logo
    The IUP logo is the basic building block of the university’s academic visual identity. It should appear in all publications, advertisements, websites, etc.
    IUP Seal
    The IUP seal is the most formal of IUP’s graphic identifiers and is generally reserved for use in similarly formal and official documents.