Supply Chain Management, Management, BS

  • Taylor Billman

    CURRICULUM GAVE HIM KNOWLEDGE THAT STANDS OUT: Taylor Billman ’14 works in operations management at Capitol Building Supply, Inc. in Maryland. “My education at IUP allows me to bring some new and innovative practices to my workplace. I can really appreciate the skills and knowledge that I acquired at IUP when I see myself excelling past other college graduates.”

    Coordinate the Flow of Business to Maximize Profits

    Like a fast-running river, a successfully flowing business makes rapid progress, moving around and over obstacles without slowing down or backing up. As a management major in the Supply Chain Management Track at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you’ll learn how to keep business operations running smoothly and profitably.

    Among the classes you’ll take are Accounting Principles I and II, Fundamentals of Finance, Principles of Marketing, Production and Operations Management, Business Statistics, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, and Quality Management.

    In the Supply Chain Management Track, you’ll learn both theory and application, focusing on production, operations, quality, inventory, capacity, and supply chain organization.

    Prepare for a Career in Manufacturing or Service Organizations

    In manufacturing and industrial companies, students can pursue careers in managing aspects such as production, capacity, inventory, and quality. In service organizations, including health care, information technology, finance, and transportation, students can pursue careers in managing quality, processes, suppliers, and facilities. Students will also qualify to pursue jobs in the areas of project management, lean management, and sustainable operations.

  • Supply Chain Management Graduates will be Professionally Competent in the Following Areas: