Eberly business professor Abbas Ali AWARD-WINNING PROFESSORS: Professor Abbas Ali has the distinction of being awarded Distinguished University Professor. Along with teaching international business and other courses, he's published more than 200 articles and columns on management topics.

The Global Business World is a World of Opportunity

As an international business major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you'll gain a thorough understanding of global conduct and operations in a dynamic world. This major enables you to navigate various approaches and undertake strategies that optimize your opportunities and serve your company. The major allows you to obtain the necessary skills beyond what the national market demands.

The international business major is unique by having a concentration area in addition to international business required courses. By doing so, students have the flexibility in marketing themselves either as internal business experts or professionals in their concentation choice.

Among the business core classes you'll take are Accounting Principles I and II, Legal Environment of Business, Fundamentals of Finance, Business Policy, Principles of Marketing, Production and Operations Management, and Business Statistics. You'll also take courses that coincide with a concentration area (finance, human resources management, or marketing).

Companies Need Your Expertise in International Business Practices

The Bachelor of Science in International Business degree prepares you for a career in the global business market.Corporations, in their quest forworldwide opportunities, are always in search of skillful new graduates to set the stage for developing sound business strategies for entering the international market, to advise them on laws for specific countries and major trends in certain countries, and to identify potential risks and opportunities. According to current reports, the demand for leaders with international perspectives has increased dramatically since the spread of coronavirus.

At IUP, our international business major makes it possible to sharpen skills and cultivate qualities for our students to be leaders in their area. These qualities enable them to compete effectively and obtain jobs in various other parts of the world. Furthermore, by studying abroad for one semester, students gain new perspectives, making them not only competitive, but also well-rounded citizens.

International Business Graduates will be Professionally Competent in the Following Areas:

Business Theory

After successfully completing the degree in International Business, the student will be able to obtain an understanding of the concepts and theories in the field of international business.

Global Decision-Making

After successfully completing the degree in International Business, the student will be able to understand the global economic, political, legal, and cross-cultural issues related to decision-making in the global enterprises.

Managerial Competencies

After successfully completing the degree in International Business, the student will be able to become familiar with the current business thinking and challenges on a global scale, and develop competencies for future managerial roles in international business.