Human Resource Management, BS

  • Corey Berkey

    ANALYZE HR ISSUES:   Corey Berkey, BS in Human Resource Management, is now the director of Human Resources Operations for the Kuzneski Group in Indiana, Pa. “In the HR seminar, the case studies taught me that every situation might not be exactly what it appears. Sometimes, there are instances where you have to re-think your own critical thinking to make sure you haven’t missed an opportunity or an avenue to achieve the outcome you are ultimately seeking.”

    Be a Key Factor in a Company’s Success

    Employees can be the deciding factor in a business’s success. In the same way, your education can be the deciding factor in your success. As a human resources management major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you’ll receive an outstanding education on which to build a successful career.

    Become Well-Rounded in Business, Specializing in HR

    Among the classes you’ll take are Accounting Principles I and II, Legal Environment of Business, Business Policy, Principles of Marketing, Production and Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Labor Economics, and Compensation Management.

    Gain Expertise in Job Design, Staffing, Training, and Compensation

    At IUP, you’ll learn both the theoretical and applied aspects of this field. You’ll gain expertise in such areas as job design, staffing, training, compensation, and performance appraisal.

    The Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management degree prepares you for a career in the areas listed above. Human resources managers find job opportunities in both the public and private sectors.