Minor in Entrepreneurship for Fine Arts

  • Jessie Crawford, Business minor

    ADD BUSINESS SAVVY TO YOUR FINE ARTS DEGREE:  Jessie Crawford’s internship gave her experience working with Jeff Wacker (above right) and the IUP Lively Arts and ArtsPath teams. After earning her BA in music with a minor in Entrepreneurship for Fine Arts, she was accepted into a master’s program at Ohio State University with a full-tuition assistantship.

    Business and Fine Arts Blend Well for Career Success

    The minor in Entrepreneurship for Fine Arts assumes no previous knowledge of business. Fine arts students are often involved in starting and running their own business, developing and starting small performing groups, and developing and running nonprofit community theaters.

    Learn the Strategies that Put Your Projects in the Spotlight

    In this minor, you’ll develop the skills necessary to evaluate opportunities within your industry. You will learn, among other things, to do the following:

    • Analyze your competition
    • Develop marketing and financial plans
    • Explain intellectual property rights
    • Negotiate contracts
    • Write a business plan that could be used to obtain financing from banks, investors, or other sources of funding

    These skills are all central to the creation and development of new ventures. This is a joint effort of four departments and represents an 18-credit minor for fine arts majors. The program is designed to give non-business majors a general background in starting and running a small business.