Stephen Shiring, Department of Hospitality Management, and his daughter, Elizabeth Shiring, Department of Professional Studies in Education, have researched together to submit five manuscripts to the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research: ICHRIE'S 75th Anniversary Special Issue Celebrating Its Past, Present and Future.

The following five articles were accepted and were used to create its own section in the journal:

  • "Early Leaders in the Struggle to Improve Hospitality Education in America"
  • "Hotelkeepers Organize in Twentieth Century to Legitimize and Advance Profession in American Society"
  • "International Stewards' Association (I.S.A.) Efforts to Organize a Hotel Training School - Winona Technical Institute"
  • "The International Stewards' Association Efforts Ends to Establish a Hotel School in 1917"
  • "Scarcity of Human Resources Plaque America's Hotel Industry at the start of the Twentieth Century"

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