Hospitality Management Student Megan Perz Seeks to Blend Health Care and Hospitality Fields

Posted on 1/31/20 7:33 PM

Megan Perz is a senior studying Hospitality Management with a concentration in Special Events who will be graduating in May 2020.

Perz has been a crucial part of the Department of Hospitality's partnership with Indiana Regional Medical Center, the local hospital in Indiana County. Through this program, hospitality students from IUP have been volunteering in the hospital as front desk volunteers. This collaboration has sought to bring aspects of hospitality into health care. Both parties agree that this partnership has been beneficial to both partners.

Through this program, Perz was able to secure an internship with IRMC in Volunteer Services provided by the Auxiliary. She says that through this internship, "I have learned the foundations of health care and have been given so many opportunities to experience health care administration."

Perz has continued this relationship with IRMC past her internship required experience to continue to develop the Hospitality Ambassadors Program. The program has transformed into a more meaningful experience for both the students and the hospital staff. Each semester the students have a new task focused on the areas of the hospital that staff is looking for feedback on. One project required students to make rounds and evaluate patient experience.This past semester students gone into the call center and evaluated the hospital on a new system. They have been able to provide feedback on the quality of each of these services. By integrating the Hospitality students more into the hospital setting has made a meaningful impact on both IUP Hospitality program and IRMC.

To Perz, hospitality is not just a career path but a value and way that she chooses to live life. She wished to be an example to her fellow classmates by exemplifying a true spirit of hospitality and goodwill towards others. Perz says that she has absolutely adored her major from the time that she arrived here at IUP and has loved the concept of continual learning in and out of the classroom that the Department of Hospitality offers its students.

She is an involved student in the department and on IUP's campus. She is a member of several different honor societies on campus. Perz is also a student leader in a campus ministry called the Coalition for Christian Outreach at IUP. Through this organization she has gained many different skill sets including mentoring other students, having bible studies, and planning and organizing student events. Recently, she has joined Eta Sigma Delta, the national honor fraternity for students in Hospitality Management. Perz states that, "ESD has done many great community service activities that shine a light to what Hospitality really is."

Perz states that "After college, my goal and vision is to start my career in the Foundations Office working in special events at the Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. I have a true passion for people, children and their families. My mission is to spread awareness worldwide that healthcare organizations need more Hospitality professionals on their team."

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