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Letters to the Editor

Keeping Track

When I saw your “Fleet Feet” photo [IUP Magazine , Spring 2014], I immediately identified my father Cecil Clark Willis [’61], far right in the picture, who ran track at IUP. My father has since passed, but my mother is verifying the dates that he attended IUP.

We got a kick out of the photo, as all of my siblings, Lauren Willis Prepelka [’92] and Grant Willis [’99], graduated from IUP.

Kelly Willis Konz ’90 Potomac, MD

Editor’s Note: Other track members identified in the photo are Richard Bigley ’63, second from left; William (Jeff) Sechrist ’64, third from left; and Tom Heilman ’63, second from right. The alumni who recognized them and contacted IUP archivist Harrison Wick include Sylvia Kuras ’63, Ray Martin ’63, Richard Pavlin ’65, Vern Reamer ’63, M’69, and Larry Vosovic ’64.

Memories Shared

I enjoyed the reminiscences of Dorothy Jakovac Wratcher ’53 in her letter, “Memories on File,” in the Spring issue of the IUP Magazine . Several of the professors mentioned I had also, and the article brought back many pleasant memories.

Eugene Seelye ’56 Wellsboro

Amazing Teacher, Fantastic Person

In the fall of 1983, I was an overwhelmed freshman at IUP, unsure of whether I was even college material. The one time each week that I looked forward to, though, was biology lab. My biology professor did not teach the lab; it was taught by Mr. Richard Strawcutter. He had the ability to make complicated subjects understandable, used humor to drive important points home, and most of all, was infinitely approachable and friendly. When it came time to schedule my Biology II class for the spring of 1984, I convinced all of my friends who were taking biology to take Mr. Strawcutter’s class with me. Some of us still talk about that class—it was the best combination of learning and fun that I’ve ever had.

Over the next three years, we would see each other on campus and smile and wave, but our paths never really crossed, since I was an accounting major. Then, in the spring of 1987, I was taking a shortcut through Weyandt Hall during a rainstorm and passed Mr. Strawcutter’s office. “Hey, Rick, aren’t you going to say hello?” he called out, and I stopped and went back (how did he remember my name?). He was cleaning out his office, days from retirement, and I told him that he couldn’t retire, that there were incoming freshmen who were going to need him. He told me that since I was leaving, he could, too. We probably spent a half-hour just talking before I had to go.

So, when I received my latest IUP Magazine and read that Mr. Strawcutter had died, I got a little emotional. He was not only an amazing teacher, he was a fantastic person, too. We need more like him. May he rest in peace.

Rick Steer ’87 Westbrook, ME

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