A variety of workshops is planned for the 2013 PA Presenters Spring Arts Conference.

Conference Program (pdf 5.2mb)

Wednesday, June 5: 1:00-3:30 p.m., Cogswell Hall

  • Pre-Conference Session: Google Analytics and Social Media (Room 126)
    • Melanie Querry and Andreas Beck of Beyond Spots and Dots
    • Learn from Google AdWords certified experts how Google Analytics reporting and social media can help grow your business. Both Querry and Beck bring a new look and angle to the work of social media marketing and advertising placement, including experience promoting various arts venues in western Pennsylvania.

Cogswell HallThursday, June 6; 9:30-10:30 a.m., Holiday Inn Ballroom

  • Plenary Session: The Value of Block Booking
    • Andy Cassano, Zoellner Arts Center at Lehigh University; Jennifer Morris, Siegel Artist Management; and Cathleen Stephen, Miller Center for the Arts at Reading Area Community College
    • Our panelists will discuss the concept of block booking, what it is, and why it is so important to artists, agents and presenters, how to do it and when, the resources available to you for help, along with creative ideas and practical details including budgeting, communication and timelines.

Thursday, June 6; 11:00-12:00 p.m., Cogswell Hall

  • Artist/Manager/Presenter Relationships 101 (Room 201)
    • Marc Baylin, Baylin Artists Management; and Laura Kendall, The Ware Center at Millersville University
    • Explore the very necessary working relationships that put artists on stage. A discussion of how managers/artists and presenters interact effectively beyond the “sell/buy” relationship and how to establish trust and develop connections that are mutually beneficial.
  • Educational Outreach Demo: Songwriting Workshop for Youth (Room 203)
    • Trout Fishing in America, music educational Outreach Demo: Songwriting Workshop for Youth
    • For more than 15 years, Trout Fishing in America has conducted songwriting workshops in schools and libraries with amazing results. Operating on the idea that you learn by doing, they demonstrate how they dive right into a hands-on co-writing session, with our conference attendees serving as the students who provide the topic and the ideas. See firsthand how students would have fun while developing language and organizational skills, creativity, and cooperation. A song is born in under 60 minutes.
  • The Changing World of Ticketing: Key Trends That Matter (Room 301)
    • Nathan Anderson of Patron Technology, Dottie Hunter of Vendini, and moderated by Teresa Baughman from The Palace Theatre
    • This panel will reflect on the latest options that venues and presenters can offer their patrons and what patrons have come to expect when purchasing tickets. As mobile and social technologies continue to become more integrated into daily life, a multitude of new channels for patron engagement are being introduced. With so many choices and a shifting playing field for patron engagement, it's critical for arts organizations to clearly define a strategy for that engagement. What is the ideal patron experience we strive to deliver? How can we stay true to this vision at each touch point with patrons and potential patrons? n this talk, we will discuss key considerations for defining and executing on your vision for delivering an exceptional patron experience from first engagement, to your event, and beyond.

Friday, June 7; 9:30-10:40 a.m., Cogswell Hall

  • Advocacy, Legislative, and Policy Issues in the Arts (Room 201)
    • Brandon Gryde, Dance USA/OPERA America; and Rebecca Catelinet, Pennsylvania Rural Arts Alliance
    • Public support for the arts is only one issue that impacts presenting organizations. Panelists will provide an overview of the local and national issues - from basic advocacy ideas to nonprofit tax policy and immigration. We will offer tips on how organizations can be effective advocates within their communities and beyond.
  • Showcasing Tips for Artists (Room 203)
    • Larry Kosson, The Roots Agency
    • Interested in showcasing that leads to bookings? Can't decide between juried and independent showcasing? Larry Kosson and The Roots Agency have been producing showcases for over ten years, and their artists have been selected for dozens of juried showcases at regional and state performing arts conferences. Join this informative session that will include discussions about when, where, and how to showcase.
  • New Media PR for Presenters, Venues, and Artists (Room 301)
    • Jaimé Campbell Morton, Artspromo
    • This workshop focuses on educating venues, musicians & promoters on how to best utilize social media and other online tools. We cover best practices, how-to topics, budgets and strategy. How do you efficiently maintain your social media as a promoter or venue? How do you partner with the musicians and PR teams involved in your bookings? How do you leverage social media to grow your fan base? What is location marketing? Please come by the workshop with your questions- there will be a discussion session at the end.

Friday, June 7; 10:50-11:50 a.m.

  • Hands-on Hospitality or ... No Brown M & M's! (Room 201)
    • Sean Casey, CMI Entertainment; and Larry Stock, Butler County Community College
    • This session will include a discussion on issues surrounding hospitality riders, catering, accommodations, transportation and all things related to making your guest artist's life as easy as possible without making you and your staff miserable. We'll take some time to share ideas from other presenters and talk about creative solutions to difficult requests from the presenter's and the artist's perspectives.
  • Lights, Sound, Curtain Up! The Newest in Stage Technology (Room 203)
    • Chris Ubinger of CRU Designs and Mike Feight of Feight Audio
    • Stage lighting technology has progressed significantly in the past few years implementing LED technology, video elements, and networking to help us create a new dimension in lighting design and system integration. These technologies not only let us push the envelope with awe-inspiring effects, but also provide energy savings for your venue.