Bibliographic Instruction

  • Non-Credit-Bearing Library Instruction Sessions

    Request instruction via our Instruction Request Form.

    Any IUP faculty member may request a library instruction session. These sessions introduce students to library resources pertinent to the subject matter being taught for any course assignments.

    Guidelines for Successful Library Instruction

    • Provide your students with a research assignment prior to the library session. When students get to apply the skills they learn in class, they are much more likely to retain the information! Our librarians are happy to work with you prior to class to help develop effective research assignments.
    • Allot the appropriate amount of time to learn information literacy skills in the library. If you are unsure how much time is necessary, consult with one of our librarians or contact Maria Barefoot ( for assistance.
    • We encourage multiple library instruction sessions, since research has suggested that students who have multiple library instruction sessions report higher levels of confidence and greater use of library resources than students who have only a single instruction session.
    • You may be e-mailed learning materials for your students to review either before or after class to help students achieve learning objectives. We love to see grades or points attached to these activities if you are able!

    Because instructional space within the library and teaching equipment must be reserved, faculty members who anticipate incorporating an instruction session into their curriculum are encouraged to reserve session dates early in the semester to ensure that instruction will coincide with the time students are working on assignments. The minimum lead-time required to schedule and prepare for a BI session is usually one week, based on room availability. Faculty members are kindly asked to remain with their students during the BI sessions.

    Instruction sessions are taught during the summer. However, not all librarians have the same work schedule during summer sessions. Faculty members are advised to check with the instruction librarian late in the spring semester or early in the summer if they desire instruction for the summer. Faculty can always call the reference desk (7-3006) to confirm or get help in scheduling a class.

    Individual tours may be requested by any IUP student, staff, or faculty member for basic instruction on PILOT, the library’s online catalog, as well as on any of the library’s computerized databases. Librarians are also available, by appointment to assist students with information access and retrieval concerning specific assignments and research projects. Please phone the reference desk (7-3006) to inquire about these services or e-mail Maria Barefoot at