Government Information Collection Development Policy

  • Mission Statement

    In 1962, Stapleton Library was designated a depository library for federal documents, and presently serves the government information needs of the 9th U.S. Congressional District in accordance with 44 USC 1905 and "Instructions to Depository Libraries." We are also a depository for documents emanating from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

    Community Background

    The collection has been selected to serve the needs of the academic community of Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), as well as the Indiana County business and agricultural communities, and the other citizens of the 9th Congressional District.

    IUP is a comprehensive, research-based, teaching-focused, student-centered learning community. Approximately 15,000 undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled in our accredited and nationally recognized programs, enjoying traditional and nontraditional classroom experiences, engaging in research and service activities with their faculty mentors, becoming lifelong learners, preparing for rewarding careers and productive lives, and developing leadership skills for effective citizenship. For more information, please visit IUP at a Glance.

    The 9th Congressional district is mixture of rural and urban population, with the greatest percentage of individuals employed in the management, business, and science and arts occupations at 27.8 percent. Individuals employed in sales and office occupations follow closely behind at 23.3 percent, and those employed in the production, transportation, and material moving occupations at 18.9 percent. Service occupations make up 16.8 percent, and natural resources, construction, and maintenance occupations making up 13.1 percent.

    Reference, circulation, and interlibrary loan service for, and access to, depository government information, both in tangible and virtual format, is available to any university or broader community information seeker who comes to the library or contacts the government publication department by phone or e-mail.

    Such services and access is coordinated with the other depository libraries in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, as well as the other depository libraries in southwestern Pennsylvania through a local documents group. Both constitute a well-developed documents group that meets periodically for cross training, discussion, and collaborative collection development.

    As the academic library of a Pennsylvania state university, a concerted effort is made meet the curricular needs of our undergraduate students, the specialized research needs of our graduate students and faculty members, and the needs of our community users based upon typical reference inquiries.


    Each year, the Government Information Librarian performs a zero-based item review during the United States Government Printing Office's (GPO) annual selection update utilizing Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) electronic tools. This selection is made through consultation with the Collection Development Librarian, the Acquisitions/Serials Librarian, library subject bibliographers and an analysis of reference inquires made by students, faculty, and community users.

    Non-depository Items

    Our depository collection is enhanced through our subscriptions to commercial databases such as

    • Lexis Nexis Academic
    • ProQuest Congressional Publications
    • EBSCO Military and Government Collection
    • Statistical Insight

    Duplicate and Replacement Policy

    The Library maintains a deposit account at the U.S. Government Bookstore for the acquisition of desired items deemed lost or nonelected.

    Retrospective Sources

    The Library has also historically purchased large microfiche sets such as the NCJRS microfiche collection, the CIS Congressional Publications, and the American Statistics Index microfiche. The collections are accessible with modern digital microform reading and scanning equipment

    Collection Maintenance

    All depository items are recognized as the property of the United States Government and are weeded and discarded only after satisfying procedures outlined by the FDLP. The collections are shelf read and weeded periodically and are bound in the same manner as other library materials

    Format and Access

    Electronic records for all U.S. government publications cataloged through the depository program are purchased and loaded into our online catalog to facilitate access to electronic versions of documents for our users.

    In order to provide the best possible service to the greatest number of our users and to respond to the evolving nature of government information, items that are available in electronic format are chosen in that format even when tangible forms are available unless suggested by a library subject bibliographer, to satisfy user request that cannot be appropriately satisfied via interlibrary loan, or upon suggestion of government documents librarian.

    Resource Sharing

    When items are not available in our collection, the library will provide interlibrary loan service at no charge to all patrons utilizing its relationship with the regional depository and modern interlibrary loan tools. We freely loan any government document item to users who come to the library or through interlibrary loan.

    Weeding and Maintenance

    Documents have been added to the regular serials, reference, and circulating collections when considered appropriate, and a small SUDOCS collection is maintained. Both the separate collection and the regular collection are routinely weeded. Items weeded are done so in consultation with regional depository library coordinator.


    IUP Library collections are ADA accessible, as are our computer workstations.

    IUP Libraries Government Information Internet Use Policy

    As a member of the Federal Depository Library Program of the United States Government Printing Office, IUP Libraries offer the general public free access to online federal government information. This service allows the same principle of free access that governs the use of traditional depository materials, as provided in Section 1911 of Title 44, United States Code.

    IUP Libraries provide access to the products in the FDLP Electronic Collection free of fees or other restrictions such as age or residency status. The FDLP Electronic Collection consists of:

    1. Core legislative and regulatory titles available through GPO access, 
    2. Other remotely accessible products managed by GPO or by institutions with which GPO has established formal agreements, 
    3. Remotely accessible electronic government information products that GPO identifies, describes, and links to, but which remain under the control of the originating agencies, and
    4. Tangible electronic government information products such as CD-ROMs and DVDs distributed to federal depository libraries.

    Patrons wishing to access government information through computer workstations in the library can ask at the Technology Help Desk for a generic login. Public users are able to use networked printers with copy cards that are available at copy card machines. Patrons are not required to show any identification as a condition of using the computers. Internet access is provided unrestricted by the use of filtering software. However, patrons' use of library computers is subject to the library's overall acceptable use policy.

    Revised December 10, 2014, by Dr. Theresa McDevitt.