Fines and Fees

  • Fines and feesFines are imposed to encourage borrowers to return materials on time in order to make them available to other users.

    A fine of $0.35 per day, per item, will be charged for an overdue library book (maximum overdue fine: $100).

    Fines and fees for tuition-paying students will be applied to student accounts at the Bursar. There will be a one-business-day delay before the fines and fees will be transferred. Payment can be made either online through IUP-EasyPay; or at the Bursar window in Clark Hall (cash or money order only).

    A charge of $15 or more in fines will result in a loss of library privileges for non-tuition-paying patrons. These fines can only be paid at the Stapleton Library Circulation Desk.

    • A notice is sent one day before the book is due (patrons have a five-day grace period before they acquire charged fines at 35 cents a day per item).
    • A second notice is sent if book is overdue five days from due date.
    • A third notice is sent if book is overdue 10 days from due date.
    • At 15 days a notice is sent, and fees will be transferred to the Office of the Bursar. At this point, the patron will pay a $75 replacement fee and a $25 processing fee.
    • It is your responsibility to monitor your account to keep things up to date. This can be done through the Library Online Catalog, under the Account Information tab. You can also renew twice online.

    Please do not ignore notices!

    If you think you returned the book, come to the Circulation Desk to clear it up. Thank you.