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Why Your Gift is Important

  • Excellence is based upon a community of professional librarians, zealous scholars, and dedicated alumni and friends who constantly monitor the ongoing needs of the collection

    Together they form the network that provides the vigilance and generosity. Our efforts today will serve to ensure continuing excellence for the library well into the 21st century. There are several options available for you to join us in this endeavor.

    How to Give

    • Annual Giving. Small amounts over a long period of time yield big results. Donations to a specific library fund can be made annually, or more frequently as convenience merits, and can be done through payroll deduction. A statement documenting the gift will arrive from the Foundation for IUP each year at tax time. Contact Assistant Dean of Libraries Katherine Terpis at 724-357-2115 or the Foundation for IUP at 724-357-5555 for details.
    • Planned Giving. Specialists in the Foundation for IUP can assist in estate planning to make long-term plans for gifts such as stocks, securities, real estates, mutual funds, trusts, wills, and annuities. These gifts can have significant tax benefits for the donors while providing important support for the library and the university.
    • Gifts in Kind. Donations of books, journals, and other appropriate material are made with some frequency. The library works with donors and appraisers to expedite and find the most appropriate use for these important gifts. Gift bookplates identifying donors are added as a matter of routine. The library reserves the right to determine the disposition of material. Contact the Library Administrative Offices at 724-357-2330 for further information.
    • Honor With Books provides a means to mark special occasions and special people with lasting recognition. With a donation of $50 or more, the library will place a bookplate in a newly purchased book. The bookplate will recognize both the donor and the person honored. It is a permanent addition to the library’s collection—appropriate for graduations, memorial tributes, retirements, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and personal or professional achievements. The library will send an acknowledgement to the donor with a copy to the honoree, or to the family of the person memorialized informing them of the donation. For information on participating in Honor With Books, contact the Library Administrative Offices at 723-357-2330.

    Where to Give

    Gifts in any amount are appreciated. They may be designated for a specific purpose or given without restriction. Below is a list of existing funds and endowments, which cover a variety of purposes. The interest from an endowment can be designated to support, in perpetuity, the purchase of library material for a specific academic discipline, for a specific department of the library, or for any mutually agreed-upon project.

    Giving opportunities through current library endowments and funds:

    • Library Acquisitions (4030) supports the purchase of books, periodicals, or media for the IUP Libraries. It does not have to be special material.
    • Fund for Library Books (8419) strengthens the permanent collection of the IUP Libraries.
    • Fund for the IUP Libraries (4710) funds services and resources.
    • Technology Within the University Library Fund (8465) permits the IUP Libraries to build its technological capabilities.
    • William E. Lafranchi Library Fund (0178) makes possible the acquisition of rare books and manuscripts often beyond the means of the library book budget.
    • The Ralph and Esta Cordier Memorial Fund (4651) is used in the purchase of books related to Pennsylvania labor and industrial history.
    • Special Collections and University Archives Fund (8446) supports projects in Special Collections and University Archives.
    • Fausold Family Endowment (0309) supports the Fausold Family Collection.
    • Virginia C. Kuzneski Memorial Fund (4704) is used to purchase library books and resource materials in the fields of Nursing and Allied Health.
    • Raymona Hull Memorial Fiction Collection Fund (8462) is used to purchase works of English and American fiction.
    • James Miller Library Collection Endowment (0274) is used to purchase books, journals, and other materials to support the study of business and business practices.
    • Charles A. Davis Memorial Music Library Collection Endowment (0319) is used to purchase books, scores, and sound recordings—especially in the area of jazz, band music, and musical theater.