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Resources for the Liberal Studies Curriculum

  • Includes criteria for the various categories, syllabi of record collections, a sample revision/updated syllabus, comparison frameworks between the old and new curriculum, and other forms and checklists.

    The pages linked below provide resources for faculty, programs, and departments about the curriculum.

  • Rationales for Differentiating between the Global Citizenship competency and the Global and Multicultural Awareness Category
    The primary difference between the two is essentially a matter of scope and emphasis. Global Citizenship is a competency and a subsidiary component of a Liberal Studies (LS) Elective course. Approved by Senate on 10/9/12
    Liberal Studies Syllabi of Record List
    A listing of every Liberal Studies course name, number, Senate approval date, and date added to the Undergraduate Catalog.  An Excel spreadsheet is available upon request to the Liberal Studies office.
    Criteria for the various Liberal Studies categories describe the Expected Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes and Required Content for each area of the curriculum.
    Proposals and Syllabi
    Below are links to scanned PDFs of all UWUCC course and program proposals from 1986 to the current academic year, listed by department. 
    This collection provides access to forms, checklists, and packets (instructions and forms) associated with the new curriculum and Expected Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes.
    Sample Course Revision Proposals
    Examples of current Liberal Studies courses revised for the new curriculum following the UWUCC and LSC guidelines.
    One Page and Expanded Checklists for Liberal Studies Elective Course Proposals
     Checklists for course revisions and new course proposals for Liberal Studies Electives 
    One Page and Expanded Checklists for Global and Multicultural Course Proposals
    Checklists for course revisions and new course proposals for Global and Multicultural Awareness
    Writing Colloquium and Workshops for the Sciences
    Resource materials from Dr. Julie Reynolds' (Duke University) presentations on September 17 & 18, 2014
    How to Submit a Writing-Intensive Course Proposal
    This packet of forms and instructions is for individuals and departments who wish to designate courses as Writing-Intensive.