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Implementation Update: September 2012

  • From:  David Pistole – Liberal Studies Committee (LSC) and Gail Sechrist – UWUCC

    To:     Faculty, Deans, and A-deans

    Re:     Update on the new Liberal Studies Curriculum (also available on the LS website)

    1. Implementation Timeline
      1. Liberal Studies (LS) Electives and Global and Multicultural Awareness (GMA) courses
        The initial implementation plan was to review LS Electives this academic year (2012-2013) and GMA courses next year (2013-2014). However, many Liberal Studies Elective courses are also Global and Multicultural Awareness courses. Therefore, we felt it was best for the faculty revising their courses to be able to submit revisions for both of these categories at the same time rather than having to go through the revision/review process over two years.

        Knowledge Area courses that are also GMA (e.g. GEOG 104 or ANTH 110) should be submitted for review this academic year (2012-2013).

        Courses that will only be in the GMA category may wait until the 2013-2014 academic year to submit their revisions.
      2. Writing Across the Curriculum Courses/Professors (W courses)
        The moving of the GMA review for many LS Electives courses to this year means that we will move the review of Writing Across the Curriculum Courses/Professors to the 2013-2014 academic year. This move will provide a more equitable distribution of the revision/review of courses for the faculty involved.
    2. Liberal Studies Electives
      Several years ago when the new Liberal Studies curriculum was approved, the competencies across the curriculum from the earlier proposed framework were moved into the Liberal Studies (LS) Electives category. No Expected Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes (EUSLOs) were assigned to the LS Electives per se – rather EUSLOs were only indirectly called for through the competencies. This placed the emphasis of the course on the competency, rather than the course itself. The proposed change adds EUSLOs for the LS Elective course itself, and moves the competencies into a secondary position.
    3. Differentiating the Global and Multicultural Awareness category and the Global Citizenship competency
      The LSC and UWUCC have approved language changes (subject to Senate approval) to be added to the UWUCC handbook that will help faculty differentiate between these two categories (see next item).
    4. Three Attached Draft Documents: Three draft documents have been attached. These have been approved by the LSC and UWUCC and will need to be approved by the Senate at their October 9th meeting. We want to emphasize that these are draft documents and still need Senate approval. However, we have included it for information only to help faculty begin thinking about how to revise their courses for these areas. Document 1, Rationales for differentiating Global Citizenship competency and Global and Multicultural Awareness, is a summary of what changes we are hoping to make in these areas. Document 2,Liberal Studies Electives with side-by-side final fall 2012, outlines the changes mentioned in item 2 above. Most of the content in this document is already Senate approved. We have added EUSLOs and addressed the issue associated with the Global Citizenship competency. Document 3, Global and Multicultural Awareness with side-by-side final fall 2012, further distinguishes this category from the Global Citizenship competency.
    5. Workshops and Web support
      There will be 14 one-hour workshops available in October (e-mail to follow) to help faculty prepare proposals for the LS Electives and GMA categories. The LS web site will have more support material such as a sample course once the final language is approved by the Senate.