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Implementation Update - October 2011

  • The UWUCC and the Liberal Studies Committee (LSC) would like to offer some more updates about the implementation of the new Liberal Studies (LS) curriculum in Fall 2012.

    1. All catalog changes (program and tracks) updating the credit hours to the new Liberal Studies totals (43-51 credits) must be completed and passed by the Senate on or before their April 2012 meeting so that they can be included in the Fall 2012 Undergraduate Catalog. We have created a simple form for fast-track changes if you will be replacing the credits in the old LS requirements with free electives. The form is available on the UWUCC and Liberal Studies websites.
    2. All knowledge area courses (English Composition; Mathematics; Humanities; Fine Arts; Natural Science; Social Science; and Health and Wellness courses) must be updated to the new criteria. There is a sample of an updated course on the LS website.  Again, the LS website has the Senate approved criteria for each category and other resources for the new curriculum. The main update will be to map your course objectives to the new Expected Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes (listed in the criteria). Please note that there are three Learning Outcomes: Informed Learners; Empowered Learners; and Responsible Learners (the bullets listed in the outcomes for a criteria are suggested ways to meet those outcomes but do not require their own objective).
    3. We urge faculty and departments to complete their work on these projects and to pass them on to the College Curriculum Committees by the end of this Fall (2011) semester so that the LSC and UWUCC will be able to act on these proposals before the April Senate agenda is due.
    4. LBST 499 – Synthesis – If a student is graduating on or before SUMMER 2012 they will have to take LBST 499 Synthesis. There will be Synthesis offerings during the Winter session, Spring 2012 semester and Summer 2012 sessions.  The registrar has placed an announcement (pop-up) when students attempt to register for the spring 2012 semester that reminds them about the Synthesis course.
    5. Advising issues - Please be sure to advise students who are graduating Fall 2012 or later that although they will not need to take a Synthesis course, but that they will need 120 credits to graduate. You may also remind students that ENGL 101 will be changing from a 4 to a 3 credit course in the Fall 2012.

    We hope that as you make your catalog changes this will help to guide you in your advising of your majors on the courses you would like them to be taking.

    Gail Sechrist (UWUCC)
    David Pistole (LSC)