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Implementation Overview Summary

  • Implementation date: The Liberal Studies Committee (LSC), University Wide Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UWUCC), and Senate approved Fall 2012 as the implementation date of the new curriculum.

    1. Beginning in the Fall 2012 semester, LBST 499 Senior Synthesis Courses and the four-credit ENGL 101 College Writing course will no longer be offered. In the new curriculum, ENGL 101 English Composition I will be a three-credit course.
    2. All current Liberal Studies courses listed in the 2010–2011 Undergraduate Catalog on pages 37–40 will initially be grandfathered into the new curriculum, but will ultimately need to be revised as part of the phase-in plan (see III. below).
    3. There will be a three-year phase-in to revise Liberal Studies courses.
      1. Academic Year 2011–2012, Year 1: Knowledge areas including:
        1. English Composition; Mathematics; Humanities; Fine Arts; Natural Science (both options); Social Science; and Health and Wellness.
      2. Academic Year 2012–2013, Year 2: Liberal Studies Electives
      3. Academic Year 2013–2014, Year 3: Non-Western
        Note: The following is a rough estimation of the dates for the review of the yearly course revisions: September–October faculty and departmental committees revise and review proposals; November 1, due at college curriculum committees; December 15 due at LSC; March 1 due at UWUCC, so that they can be available at the April Senate meeting.
    4. All Writing Across the Curriculum Courses (Writing Intensive or W) and W professors will be reviewed as part of the new Liberal Studies curriculum revisions during the 2013–2014 academic year. The twenty-five-student limit in a W section is still recommended in the new curriculum.
    5. Catalog listings of departmental/programmatic degree requirements will need to be revised for inclusion in the 2012–2013 Undergraduate Catalog.
      Note: we recommend that departments needing to replace the Liberal Studies credits (to return to 120 credit hours) initially add them to the free electives category, as some courses may no longer be offered, or be in the same category after the phase-in period.
    6. Implementation information, such as FAQs and templates for course and program revisions, will be available on the Liberal Studies website. Implementation workshops for faculty, advisors, students, and departmental and college curriculum committees will be held throughout the 2011–2012 academic year. These will begin the week before classes start in Fall 2011. The Liberal Studies director will be available to meet with any faculty member, committee (department, curricular, etc.), department, or college to discuss the implementation.
    7. Guidelines will be made available to students to assist in switching from the “old” Liberal Studies curriculum to the “new” Liberal Studies curriculum. We will be working with the SGA to write and disseminate this information.