September 9, 2010

  • 3:30 p.m.
    Stabley 101


    Present: Y. Asamoah, M. Hildebrandt, E.Hwang, D. Pistole, F. Slack, M. Swinker, T. Wacker, G. Wilson

    Excused: M. Taddie

    For Information:
    1. Dr. Pavloski the NSM representative has resigned and Dr. Zanach will be making a new appointment this week.
    2. We still need 3 new student representatives for the LSC this fall – Michelle Taddie, our returning student representative, cannot come to the meetings this fall due to scheduling conflicts but would be willing to serve again in the spring semester if need be. 
    3. Dr. O’Neil will change the name of Geeks Bearing Gifts to The Dark Side of the Internet for her LBST 281 course. 
    For Action:
    1. Wacker/Wilson motion to approve the minutes of 2 September 2010 – passed unanimously.
    2. Wilson/Wacker motion to provisionally approve SYN-158 LBST 499 Environments on the Edge – Appalachia and Beyond.  Passed: Unanimously.  The provisions are as follows:
      1. The proposer needs to add a discussion of the nature of synthesis to their course outline. 
      2. Rather than having the proposer come to a LSC meeting, the director will talk with the proposer directly about their ideas of synthesis using the questions created and approved by the committee in Spring 2010. The committee does not need to see the proposal again.  
    3. SYN-159 LBST 499 On the Road to Santiago – A Medieval Pilgrimage Across Northern Spain was not passed and must be revised as follows:
      1. The wording of the course objectives must be changed (e.g. Students will be   able to – demonstrate, recognize, etc. use Bloom’s taxonomy).
      2. The last 3 objectives need to be student centered not course centered. 
      3. The format should follow the syllabus of record format – a number of the   components of the syllabus were wrong or missing such as IV =   evaluation methods and V = example of grading scale.
      4. VI – special resources was missing altogether – the committee felt that  something needed to be added here addressing the issues of tuition costs,  flights, lodging, etc.  The committee did not think specific costs had to be  provided but that some indication of the types of costs a student would  incur was important. 
      5. The proposer needs to add a discussion of the nature of synthesis to their  course outline.  We will ask Dr. Finegan to come to a future LSC meeting to discuss the course.  
    4. WI-1  PHYS 101  Energy and Our Environment – was not passed and must be revised as follows:
      1. The course description is different than the one in the catalog.  The proposal should be the syllabus of record with writing as an added objective.
      2. What does sample course mean?
      3. Course objectives should be modified to reflect the current language (students should be able to …).  
      4. P. 8 – Describe how you are dealing with the revision
      5. P. 7 – The committee suggests that you say the minimum requirement is a two page summary for article reviews 1 and 2, so that the total will then equal 7 pages (3 pages for article 3).
      6. Although not a problem, the committee thought that there might be other opportunities to add to the writing total such as your discussions.
      7. There are a number of spelling and format issues (e.g. p. 7 article 2 # 1 – ending sentences with “on” and  # 4 – mention instead of mentioned). 
    5. Wacker/Hildebrant motion to provisionally approve the program revision for UWUCC 10-30a Certificate – Vocational Technical Education.  Passed 8/0/0.  The provision is as follows:
      1. The full page course description should be laid out as you would want it to look in the catalog. The committee does not need to see the program revision again.
    6. Swinker/Wilson motion to provisionally approve the program revision for UWUCC-1030b BS – Vocational Technical Education.  Passed: 8/0/0. The provision is as follows: 
      1. The course hours need to be corrected from 30-33 to 31-33.  The committee does not need to see the program revision again.
    7. Wilson/Asamoah motion to approve the course revision and catalog description for UWUCC-15c CDFR 224 Marriage and Family Relations.  Passed 8/0/0.
    8. Hildebrandt/Asamoah motion to approve ST-2 LBST 281 – Ghosts, Bigfoot, and Spontaneous Combustion – Exploring the Paranormal.  Passed 8/0/0.  The committee would like the proposer to note that when the course is brought back as a permanent course that course outcomes 1,4, and 5 are to general and would need to be more specific.  Also, please provide explanations for non-science people for certain terms and abbreviations such as psi. 
    9. Wacker/Swinker motion to approve ST-3 LBST 281 – Safe Living in a Very Unsafe World with one correction – in the evaluation methods the total is 105% and should be corrected to 100%.  Passed.  8/0/0.  The committee does not need to see the program revision again.


    Motion to adjourn:  Wilson/Asamoah - Passed Unanimous.

    The meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm.