April 7, 2011

  • 3:30 p.m.
    Stabley 101

    Present: Y. Asamoah, J. Domaracki, M. Florez, M. Knoch, D. Pistole, J. Su, M. Swinker,
    J. Tomlinson, T. Wacker

    Excused: M. Hildebrandt, F. Slack

    For Action: 

    1.  Motion to approve minutes of 31 march, 2011: Knoch/Tomlinson - Passed: Unanimous.

    Program or Course Revisions:

    1.  Domaracki/Knoch motion to approve the Liberal Studies portion of the Geosciences – Energy 
         Track – Paased 6/0/0.

    2.  Wacker/Su motion to approve the Liberal Studies portion of the Special Education and Clinical
         Services program revision – Passed 6/0/0.

    For Discussion:

    1.  Implementation issues – the committee discussed many ideas about the implementation of
         the new curriculum. 
         a.  The committee feels a three year period for liberal studies courses to be updated to the
              new curriculum is the best option.
         b.  Programs/departments will need to be ready with their changes quickly (by the time the
              new catalog would be out (Jan-Feb 2012).
         c.  The committee continued discussion of fast track mechanisms for curriculum and course
         d.  The committee will work closely with college committees to expedite revisions.
         e.  Florez and Tomlinson stressed that there will need to be very specific instructions given to
              students on how to opt into the new curriculum.

    2. The committee was shown the spreadsheet with all of the LS courses and how often they 
        have been offered in the past five years.  We will use this as a basis for future discussions
        of implementation.

    3. Two issues to discuss at the next meeting will be:
        a.  course numberings
        b.  should we have a LBST “program”

    Motion to Adjourn: Wacker/Su. Passed: Unanimous.

    The meeting adjourned at 4:40 pm.