Liberal Studies Committee Members

  • The current members of the Liberal Studies Committee are listed below. Terms for director and faculty are three years. Terms for deans and students are two years. You can also view Liberal Studies Committee membership since 1987.

    Edel Reilly
    Director, Liberal Studies
    Stabley Library, Room 103
    Ext. 7-5715,

    Bryna Siegel Finer
    Writing Across the Curriculum Director
    Humanities and Social Sciences 506K
    Ext. 7-2267,

    Yaw Asamoah, Dean (2022)
    College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    McElhaney Hall, Room 201
    Ext. 7-5764,

    Sudeshna Ghosh (2022)
    Geography and Regional Planning Department
    Leonard Hall, Room 12C
    Ext. 7-2250,

    Lora Hromadik (2022) 
    Nursing and Allied Health Department 
    210 Johnson 
    Ext. 7-2558, 

    Megan Knoch (2023)
    Biology Department
    Weyandt 114
    Ext. 7-2352,

    Sharon Massey (2023)
    Art and Design Department 
    Sprowls 115 
    Ext. 7-2633,

    Anna Ortiz (2022)
    Communications Media Department
    121C Stouffer
    Ext. 7-3219,

    Curtis Scheib (2021) 
    College of Fine Arts
    Sprowls Hall 110 
    Ext. 7-2397, 

    Frederick Slack (2023)
    Management Department
    Eberly College, Room 308C
    Ext. 7-2535,

    Student Representative

    Vacant at this time


    Ann Marie Schweitzer
    Administrative Assistant
    Stabley Library, Room 103
    Ext. 7-5715,