• Fall 2018–Spring 2019

    Edel Reilly
    Director, Liberal Studies
    Stabley Library, Room 103
    Ext. 7-5715, ereilly@iup.edu

    Bryna Siegel Finer
    Director, Writing Across the Curriculum
    Humanities and Social Sciences 506K
    Ext. 7-2267, Bryna.SiegelFiner@iup.edu

    Yaw Asamoah, Dean (2020)
    College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    McElhaney Hall, Room 201
    Ext. 7-5764, osebo@iup.edu

    Sudeshna Ghosh (2021)
    Geography and Regional Planning Department
    Leonard Hall, Room 12C
    Ext. 7-2250, ghoshsn@iup.edu

    Megan Knoch (2020)
    Biology Department
    Weyandt 114
    Ext. 7-2352, Megan.Knoch@iup.edu

    Anna Ortiz (2019)
    Communications Media Department
    121C Stouffer
    Ext. 7-3219, Anna.Ortiz@iup.edu

    Lora Hromadik (2019)
    Nursing and Allied Health Department
    210 Johnson
    Ext. 7-2558, loraott@iup.edu

    Frederick Slack (2020)
    Management Department
    Eberly College, Room 308C
    Ext. 7-2535, fslack@iup.edu

    Sharon Massey (2020) 
    Art Department
    Sprowls 115
    Ext. 7-2633, smassey@iup.edu

    Mary Williams (2019)
    College of Health and Human Services
    Zink Hall 216
    Ext. 7-2555, mew@iup.edu

    Student Representative

    Vacant at this time


    Sharon Aikins
    Administrative Assistant
    Stabley Library, Room 103
    Ext. 7-5715, Sharon.Aikins@iup.edu

    Maria Fernandez Gomez
    Graduate Student Assistant
    Stabley Library, Room 103
    Ext. 7-5715, liberal-studies@iup.edu