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Writing Intensive Courses: Summer 2010

  • Note: This course listing is for reference only. For updates and additional information, please refer to the schedule of classes listing on URSA.

    All Writing Intensive Courses contain a W in the section number.









    30344 BTST 321 8W1 Business and Interpersonal Communications W. McPherson
    30341 BTST 321 8WB Business and Interpersonal Communications L. Szul
    30342 BTST 321 8WN Business and Interpersonal Communications L. Szul
    30334 BTST 321 WB1 Business and Interpersonal Communications L. Willis
    30335 BTST 321 WN1 Business and Interpersonal Communications L. Willis
    30739 CDFR 429 AW1 Teaching in Child Development Centers F. Bowers
    30314 COMM 303 8W1 Scriptwriting J. Start
    30372 COSC 493 W01 Internship in Computer Science C. Shubra
    31181 CRIM 400 W01 Theoretical Criminology W. Austin
    30251 CRIM 470 W01 Comparative Study of Justice W. Austin
    30829 ENGL 281 W01 Tupac Shakur: Hero w/African Face R. Stilwell
    30792 GEOG 230 W01 Cultural Geography G. Sechrist
    30962 INDS 370 W01 Development of Design I S. Venatta
    31032 INDS 380 W01 Development of Design II S. Venatta
    31096 JRNL 120 W01 Journalistic Writing P. Farabaugh
    30560 MGMT 428 W01 Seminar in Management  
    31103 PLSC 359 w01 Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties G. Torges
    30268 PSYC 280 8W1 Psychological Inquiry C. Sherburne
    30272 PSYC 411 W01 Psychology of Women M. McHugh
    30002 SAFE 488 W12 Internship T. Cekada
    30003 SAFE 488 W13 Internship W. Minnick
    30004 SAFE 488 W14 Internship J. Wachter