Health and Physical Education/Recreation and Leisure, BSEd

  • Be the Recreation Leader in Your Community

    This program provides students with competencies to plan, implement, and assess recreation and sports programs in a variety of settings, including adapted sport programs, youth leagues, city parks and recreation departments, adventure travel and tourism, and commercial recreation facilities

    Students can focus on several emphasis areas including aquatics, special populations, coaching, and dance. This program provides graduates with the prerequisite knowledge necessary to sit for the National Recreation and Parks Association Certified Parks and Recreational Professional (CPRP) examination.

    Graduates interested in qualifying for the CPRP exam must also obtain no less than one year of full-time experience in the field. This track does not lead to K-12 teacher certification.

    Requirements for the Recreation and Leisure Studies track include the university's Liberal Studies requirements, the departmental core courses, and the Recreation and Leisure Studies required courses. Students must also maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.7 and a “C” or better in all of the required core courses within this track.

    Recreation and Leisure Studies Curriculum

    Curriculum Check Sheet : This is a downloadable file that allows students to save to their computer or print from home in order to track their progress through this program.

    For descriptions of individual courses, please see the Undergraduate Catalog.

    Liberal Studies

    As outlined in Liberal Studies section with the following specifications: Total credits: 44

    English Composition: 6 cr, ENGL 101, ENGL 202

    Mathematics : 6 cr, MATH 101, MATH 217

    Humanities: 9 cr, HIST 196, 197, or 198; ENGL 121, 210, or FNLG 121; PHIL 101, 120, 221, 222, 223, RLST 100, 110, 250 or 290

    Fine Arts (choose one): 3 cr, ARHI 101, MUHI 101, THTR 101, THTR 102

    Natural Science: 8 cr, BIOL 104-106, CHEM 101-102

    Social Science: 9 cr, PSYC 101, SOC 151, Global and Multicultural Awareness

    Health and Wellness: 3 cr, HPED 143, FDNT 143, or NURS 143

    Liberal Studies Elective : 3 cr, Fulfilled by MATH 217


    CORE REQUIREMENTS 22 cr.     
    HPED 135 Careers in Kinesiology, Health, and Sport 1 cr.     
    HPED 175 Prevention and Care 2 cr.     
    HPED 209 Motor Behavior 3 cr.    
    HPED 221 Human Structure and Function 3 cr.     
    HPED 261 Water Safety Instruction 1 cr.     
    HPED 341 Evaluations in HPE 3 cr.    
    HPED 343 Physiology of Exercise 3 cr.    
    HPED 441 Psychosocial Implications 3 cr.     
    HPED 442 Senior Seminar 3 cr.    
    EDSP 102 Educational Psychology 3 cr.    
    HOSP 115 Intro to Tourism  3 cr.    
    HPED 213 Recreation Sports and Lifetime Activities 3 cr.    
    HPED 216 Instruction of Fundamental Movement Skills 3 cr.     
    HPED 218 Instruction of Tactical Skills and Fitness Concepts 3 cr.    
    HPED 318 Preprofessional Experience I 3 cr.    
    HPED 320 Man Facilities and Events in Sports 3 cr.    
    HPED 370 Adapted Health and Phys. Ed. 3 cr.     
    HPED 493 Internship  3 cr.    
    DANC 150 Fundamentals of Dance 3 cr.     
    DANC 353 Dance Curriculum and Instruction 3 cr.     
    HOSP 343 Fund-Raising for Special Events 3 cr.     
    HPED 280 Aquatic Facilities Management  3 cr.     
    HPED 292 Intro to Sport Management 3 cr.     
    HPED 333 Psychology of Coaching 3 cr.     
    HPED 335 Athletic Coaching 3 cr.     
    HPED 337 Coaching Disability Sport 3 cr.     
    HPED 413 Physical Activity and Aging 3 cr.     
    HPED 445  Business Practices in Sport  3 cr.    
    Free Electives  18 cr.     
    Total Credits 120 cr.