Homeschool Physical Education Program

The Homeschool Physical Education Program is a planned instructional program that provides K-12 students standards-based physical education lessons that focus on health-related physical fitness, skill development, safety, and positive social interactions.

The program helps homeschooling families make physical education an essential part of the total curriculum, ensuring that enjoyment in physical activity continues as a natural part of students' everyday lives.

The program is run by the Department of Kinesiology, Health, and Sport Science and is based out of Zink Hall on the IUP Campus. The instructors for the program include students in this major who work directly with certified health and physical education teachers and are supervised by department faculty. Instructors hold all clearances as well as safety certifications necessary for working with children.

Homeschool Physical Education Program

Program Description

The students are taught in specific age ranges and receive small group instruction in a variety of settings. All lessons are aligned to the Pennsylvania state standards for Health, Safety, and Physical Education. Parents have access to the instructional lesson plans which make a great addition to the children's portfolio logs (see sample lesson plan). Students rotate through both physical education class and swim lessons that use the Red Cross Learn to Swim Curriculum. More specifically, each age group focuses on developmentally appropriate learning objectives that guide instruction.

Grades K to 3

Students explore how the body moves and develop safe play skills. Students participate in manipulative activities, locomotor and non-locomotor games and dances, coordination, and fine motor skills.

Grades 4 to 5

Students learn about healthy, active lives. Students take part in health-related physical fitness and team-building activities. Students also learn the rules and skills necessary to play a variety of activities that foster positive social interactions.

Grades6 to 12

Students develop progressive exercise plans for themselves, build responsibility and cooperation, and refine skills for a variety of activities that promote lifetime physical activity interests.

Fitness for Parents

While students are engaged in the program, the parents have access to the fitness center that overlooks both gymnasiums. Furthermore, parents work individually with exercise science majors to receive personal fitness consultation and engage in group fitness classes.

Childcare Center (ages two to five)

This component was added to help parents with young children who want to participate in Fitness for Parents. Click here for more information and to register a child.

Meet the StaffThe staff teaching

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The Facility

The program is run out of Zink Hall on the IUP campus. The building is located on Maple Street in front of the football stadium. The program utilizes gymnasiums, the indoor swimming pool, and the James G. Mill Fitness Center.

Dates and Times

Fall 2020

The program has been canceled this fall due to COVID-19 restrictions. The next open program will begin in fall 2021.

Registration and Cost

Please contact David Wachob ( before submitting registration forms. We make every effort to get as many families enrolled as possible.

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