HPEP Childcare Center

This program is designed for preschool children (ages two to five years) who have siblings enrolled in the Homeschool Physical Education Program (HPEP). It allows those parents who have younger children the opportunity to participate in the adult fitness component of HPEP.

storytimeProgram Description

The Homeschool Physical Education Program offers a Childcare Center for enrolled families. The Center focuses on age-appropriate activities that relate to both fine and gross motor skills, positive social interactions, and healthy cognitive development. The routine of the program includes circle time and snack, physical activity, and small group instruction. Children must be between the ages of three and five* years old to participate. The Center is operated out of the same facility as the HPEP and Parent Fitness, so the entire family is in the same building.

*Children between the ages of two and three may be considered for the pre-k program at the discretion of the program director.


The program cost is$10 per child per semester. That price includes coverage for the seven weeks of the HPEP, a light snack, and materials required for curricular activities. This price is not included in the HPEP $50 maximum per family.


The instructors of the Childcare Center include graduate students whoare supervised by IUP faculty members. The instructors hold all clearances necessary for working with children. The staff members are very active in their profession, and all have experience working with children. The program also follows the "Rule of Three," meaning there will never be one instructor alone with a single child.


Please complete the Childcare Center Registration Form by printing and filling in every section for every child being enrolled in the Childcare Center.