Emily A. Fabiny Memorial Scholarship for Journalism and Religious Studies Students

Journalism and public relations majors at IUP are selected for the Emily A. Fabiny Memorial Scholarship.

Journalism and public relations majors must have a GPA of 3.0 at the close of the spring semester before the award is made and must have achieved junior status.

The Emily A. Fabiny Memorial Scholarship for journalism and religious studies majors was established in 2005 and alternates between the two departments every other year.

The scholarship recipient will be announced in the spring semester and awarded in the following fall and spring semesters. The awarding panel reserves the right not to award any scholarships during an academic year if none meet the required scholarship qualifications.

Finalists may be invited to an interview by the awarding panel.

About Emily A. Fabiny

Emily Fabiny, of Blue Ridge Trail, Dorrance Township, died in 2002 in a car accident at the age of 20 while returning to the IUP campus. She was a 2000 graduate of Crestwood High School and was a member of its girls' track team. Emily was a sophomore at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she was pursuing a dual major in journalism and religious studies. She was a disc jockey, a producer of radio programs, and a past editor of the Penn.