Hardware Quotes

If you wish to obtain a printer quote, please see the printer support section. All printer quotes and specifications are laid out in the printer support area.

Offices wishing to upgrade their existing hardware may submit an ihelp ticket and request a consultation to review their options.

Desktop Quotes

Quote for Standard Desktopwith 22" Monitor

This CAN NOT be ordered with a p-card.

Laptop Quotes
Monitor Quotes

Quote for 22-inch Flat Panel Monitor

Please work with the IT Support Center to order with a P-Card.

Tablet Quotes

Please log an ihelp ticket to request a quote from the IT Support Center.

iPad purchases require the purchase of the AppleCare Protection Plan (this will be included in quote).

These quotes will be for Wifi enabled tablets only. If you wish to purchase the device with both Wi-Fi + LTE (cellular services through Verizon Wireless), please contact Hannah Montgomery at 724-357-3874.