Dream Spark Enrollment

  • Microsoft Imagine, formerly known as DreamSpark, is a Microsoft program that provides Microsoft professional tools to IUP students at no charge.

    To participate, you must have:

    • Visited Imagine and signed up for an account. (This does not have to be an IUP e-mail address.)
    • An IUP network username and password. (The verification portion will require a valid IUP e-mail address.)

    Imagine Sign-up:

      1. Visit imagine.microsoft.com.
      2. Click on Account.
      3. You will need to create or authorize an existing Microsoft Live account. It is recommended to use the same account you used to signup for Office 365 through IUP.
      4. Click Sign In or Create Account.
      5. If you choose to sign in, you will be presented with this screen.
      6. After signing in, you will be told to verify (or re-verify your account).
      7. You will be presented a few options. Select the option to have an e-mail sent to you.
      8. After entering your e-mail address, you will see this image.
      9. You will receive a message similar to this one. If you do not see the message after five minutes, check your JunkMail folder as it often gets identified as spam.
      10. Enter the enrollment link into your browser, and verification will be completed.