How to Submit a Phishing Message to IT Support

  • You can help safeguard IUP’s e-mail environment against phishing attempts by sending the message as an attachment to

    Below are the steps for how to do this.

    1. Forward the message as an ATTACHMENT: Forward all spear phishing messages as attachments. This gives IT Support personnel the information needed to block others from replying to the specific phishing attempts.
      • Windows Mail: Right-mouse-click on the original spear phishing message in the message list pane and select “Forward As Attachment”
      • Microsoft Outlook: You will need to change your e-mail options to send messages as attachments. In the menu bar, select: Tools > Options, then in the preferences tab, select the “e-mail options” button. Under “when forwarding a message,” select “attach original message”
      • Mozilla Thunderbird: Open the message you want to forward and select Message > Forward As > Attachment from the menu
      • Mac Mail App: Select the message, then choose Message > Forward as Attachment
      • I-Mail: I-Mail forwards e-mails as attachments by default
    2. Where to send the attached message: Send all attached spear phishing e-mails to
    3. What is done with the message: IT Support will verify the message is a username/password spear phishing message and block replies to the phisher’s e-mail address for the specific attack, and, in some cases, will also block the system that sent the message if the same system continues to attack us.