Live Mail Setup for Alumni

  • IUP offers an IUP Live email account to all graduates. In order to take advantage of this free account, you must go through the following set-up steps. The format of your email address will be

    If you are a graduating student, please read and understand the IUP account retention policy prior to requesting a live mail account.

    Your new email address will be your In general, this will be your first initial.middle initial.last The account quota is 50GB.

    For new graduates, after your request your Live Mail account, please log a ticket in ihelp to request your current email messages be copied to your Live Mail account. After your messages are copied, any new email sent to your IUP account will also appear in your new IUP Live Mail. This will continue until your IUP account becomes inactive. When your account becomes inactive, your IUP email account and anything saved to your H: Drive or your IUP OneDrive account will no longer be available. Please be sure to backup any files to a computer, USB key, external hard drive, or other cloud service before your account becomes inactive. See the Retention link above for time frames. You will also want to reach out to your contacts with your new email address.

    For alumni, you will be able to log in to the alumni portal of MyIUP. You will first claim your MyIUP alumni account. Once you claim your account, you will log in at MyIUP/former.

    If you graduated before 2000, please contact the Office of Alumni Affairs for assistance in starting this process.

    How to Request an IUP Live Mail Account

    1. Open an Internet browser and navigate to MyIUP or  MyIUP/former depending on your status.
      1. If needed, use iaccounts to reset your password for either portal.  Current graduates will use the Active Student link, and alumni will use the link for Alumni and Former Students.
    2. Click on Campus Services in the menu, then the Alumni Community portlet.
    3. Click on Alumni Live Mail.
    4. Select Request Account.
    5. On the next page, click the Request Account button. You will see a screen that says:

      “You have successfully requested a account. The current status of your request is: Account Creation Pending.

      This page will also display your Alumni Live Mail username and initial password. You will need to allow approximately two hours for the Live Mail account to be created. 
    To review the status of your request, you can follow these steps again to the Request Account page. When the account is created, the status will read “Account Created.

    Initial Login

    1. Log in to your account at

    2. Enter your Alumni Live Mail Username, then click Next.

    3. Enter your initial password, then click Sign in. If you are having issues with this initial password, please contact the IT Support Center at the number on the footer of this page.

    4. You will be prompted to change your initial password to a password of your choice. The password must be a minimum of eight characters and is case sensitive. In addition, the password must meet three of these four conditions: an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, or symbol. You will enter the password two times for confirmation.

    5. After changing your password, you will be prompted to set an alternate email or phone number for future account recovery. A verification code will be sent to either your email or phone, which you will re-enter.

    6. Set the desired timezone and language.

    7. Once you have completed these steps, you will be taken to the Office home page. From here you can go to Outlook to view your emails.