Retired Employee Directory Service

  • Retired IUP employees can request an email account called an Auxmail account (access your Auxmail account). 

    Support for the account is limited to initial log-on and assistance with transferring email messages if you have requested the Auxmail account prior to your retirement date.

    An account for network access will not be provided. Auxmail email accounts are subject to all related IUP policies. Quota for Auxmail accounts is set to 50 GB.

    Auxmail accounts will be purged if they have not been accessed in 180 days.

    Auxmail account passwords expire after 365 days. To update your password after it has expired, log in to your account through the website with your old password. It will then prompt you to update your password. If you are using a mail client, you will then have to update your password in that client.

    Support for Auxmail accounts is provided by the IT Support Center. This support is limited to basic changes to the interface as well as assistance with password resets. For additional information, see the Account FAQ link on the menu. 

    How to Request an IUP Auxmail Account

    As an IUP employee planning for retirement, you may request an Auxmail account. Simply log a ticket in ihelp. Be sure to include your retirement date and a phone number for us to contact you if needed. Since IUP employee computing accounts (including email) are deactivated on the date of separation from the university, it is best to start this process prior to your retirement date. 

    When the request is processed, the IT Support Center will create your new email account and will contact you with the initial password.

    If your retirement date has passed, your IUP account would no longer be active. You can call the Support Center at 724-357-4000, and we will log the ihelp ticket for you.

    Initial Login

    To log in to auxmail for the first time: 

    1. Open an internet browser of your choice and navigate to The Office 365 sign-in screen will be displayed.
    2. Enter your Auxmail username,
    3. The initial password will be provided to you when you are contacted by the IT Support Center personnel. 
    4. Select Sign In.
    5. You will be prompted to change your initial computing password to a password of your choice. The password must be a minimum of eight characters and is case sensitive. Three of those characters must be an uppercase, lowercase, number, or symbol. You will enter the password two times for confirmation.
    6. After changing your password, you will be prompted to set an alternate email or phone number for future account password resets. A verification code will be sent to either your email or phone, which you will re-enter.
    7. Set the timezone and language.

    Once you have completed these steps, you will be taken to the Office home page. From there, you can go to Outlook to view your email.