Auxmail Converted

  • On February 27, 2017, the Auxmail e-mail service was converted.

    The Auxmail platform is on Microsoft Office 365. The old Auxmail was disabled on March 20, 2017. For more information, visit the FAQ page.

    Your address will not change—it will still be 

    For additional information, check out the FAQ link on the menu.


    • Storage increase from 60MB to 50GB
    • Enhanced interface
    • Better spam filtering
    • Self-service password resets
      •  Upon your first login, you will have to set up one of two methods for self-service password resets:
        1. Alternate e-mail
        2. Cell phone number
      • Select one and enter your information. You will get a code via e-mail or text message that you will have to enter in your Auxmail account.
      • When complete, you will be able to use this feature for any password resets you need to access you Auxmail account.

    Features Maintained

    • E-mails sent to will still be sent to your auxmail account.
    • Your e-mail address will remain the same: