Multimedia Classroom Overview

One use of the Student Technology Fee has been to update classrooms and teaching labs with new advanced:

  • Video/data projectors
  • Digital document cameras
  • Audio systems and speakers
  • PC workstations and monitors
  • Available laptop video and audio ports
  • Teaching station podiums
  • DVD/VCR combo devices
  • Projection screens

Multimedia Classroom Podium

Technology is a valuable tool that can improve student learning and help offset challenges created by larger classes. As such, the goal is to provide a technology-enriched learning environment in a cost-effective manner for IUP.

The technology committees and staff have worked with faculty to identify and prioritize classrooms based on requirements desired and the nature of the facilities. These classrooms are then outfitted with a standard set of equipment which allows familiarity when moving from classroom to classroom. IUP currently has over 250 multimedia classrooms.