Viewing a Student Quiz Attempt

Faculty can view student attempts on a quiz. When a student starts a quiz and clicks "Start Quiz!" D2L automatically categorizes this as "Users with attempts in progress." It is possible for quizzes to stay in this state if a student gets kicked out of the quiz or has other problems.

If you would like to view a student's quiz attempt, you can do so using the following steps:

  1. Click Quizzes from the Assessments drop-down menu in the navbar. Identify the quiz in which you would like to view student's attempts. Click the drop-down arrow next to the quiz title and select Grade. You will see the user's results for the quiz.
  2. You can view an individual students attempt by clicking the "attempt 1" link located under the student whose attempt you would like to view. As you scroll through the attempt, you can change scores for any question as needed. The Save button saves any changes, while the Save and Close button will save any changes and close the window.
  3. If the quiz was set for multiple attempts, the attempts appear under the student's name in numerical order. Clicking on the attempt number (e.g., attempt 2) will display a different attempt for the quiz.

Note: While in the student's attempt, just above the Timing label on the Grade Attempt page there is a link titled Quiz Event Log. Click on this link if you to see additional details regarding the quiz attempt. The Quizzes Event Log displays when the quiz was entered, the time when a question was responded to, and the time when a question was saved, along with when the quiz was completed. You can also display the IP address of the device the student took the quiz from. Click theClose button when done.