Options for Correcting Quizzes Found with an In Progress State

Finding Quizzes set to "In Progress"

Often quizzes can be found in an "in progress" state. This signifies that the student has some type of problem with the quiz. Outlined below are the basic options for correcting this situation.

On the Quiz list page, select Grades from the drop-down menu. The best way to find any quizzes set to theIn Progressstatus is to search for those attempts in that state.

In the Show Search Options area, go to Restrict to. From the Restrict to dropdown menu, select Users with attempts in Progress. Next, click on the magnifying glass icon. This icon is found to the right in the text search box.

Once you find all of the attempts, you can choose to delete one or more attempts or submit the quiz attempt on behalf of the student(s). Those instructions are included on this page.

Deleting a Quiz Attempt for a Student

If you determine to let the student retake the quiz, you will need to delete their quiz attempt. Just below theRestrict to label, you will see a list of student with attempts"in progress." To delete an attempt, simply check the box next to the student's name, and click on the Reset link next to the trashcan icon. If you want to delete all attempts in this situation, check the box below the Resetlink next to the trashcan icon. This will select all students. When you click on the trashcan, all attempts will be deleted. The student(s) can now retake the quiz. You may need to set the student(s) for Special Access for them to retake the quiz.

Submitting a Quiz on Behalf of a Student

If you do not want the student(s) to retake the quiz, you can submit the quiz on the student's behalf. Note next to the attempt number the indication that the quiz is set to theIn Progressstate. Click on theicon of the people to the right of the in progresslink. You are asked to confirm that you will enter the quiz as that student. Click OK. The quiz is displayed as submitted the student.

At the bottom of the page, you will see a Submit Quiz button. If answers have been saved, click on Submit Quiz. (Only the answers saved will be graded upon submission.)