D2L Brightspace FAQ

The following list provides answers to the most common questions asked by instructors regarding D2L Brightspace Daylight.

What navigational items are moving in IUP's D2L environment?

The items that were accessible from "IUP Links" and "Help" on the site home page are accessible in widgets on the D2L home page in Daylight. The course navbar will collapse into link groups with common tools (Assessment, Communications, Resources). The Course home page is now accessible by clicking on the course title at the top of the page.

How can I make my course content more responsive?

Avoid using a static font size or a custom font. If you're creating a custom widget or writing content for an Announcement or Discussion post, your font size will automatically adapt for smaller displays.

Avoid using static sizes for containers, tables, or images wherever possible. For instance, instead of setting an image to be 700 pixels wide, you could set it to have a maximum width of 100% so that it will fill the display (or the widget box) without overflowing the container or without enlarging a small image to the point where it appears blurry or pixelated.

Does Daylight work with any web browser?

The features in Daylight are supported in all browsers, but you may experience some latency with browsers other than Chrome and Safari.

What kind of feedback has D2L received from ADA compliance experts on the starkness of the white background?

D2L has not had any accessibility concerns raised by their experts in regard to the white background. There were some early concerns about the lighter font that was being used. D2L changed to a heavier font style in its 10.6.9 release.

Can I upload my own photo to be used as a course tile?

Yes. D2L has also provided approximately 3,000 stock images. If you wish to upload your own, D2L recommends that images be 2400x980 for optimal experience for multiple devices (desktop and mobile) and in the different places the course image will be featured.

To change the image, from the Course Admin, choose Course Offering Information. Click the Browse button at the top under Course Image to upload an image

If a course image is used in a course, will it copy in the course copy process?

Yes, the course image copies via the Import/Export/Copy Course Components tool.

Can you force widgets to collapse by default in the mobile view so students can see all the widgets that are there without having to scroll?

At this time, you can't force widgets to be collapsed by default in the mobile context.

Do widgets still have title bars?

Widgets still have a title field. You can still choose to hide it, or customize the content of the field, but you can no longer change the color, box-shadow, or other style-related settings.

If I've created a custom widget for my course, do I need to make any changes to it?

It is recommend that you remove specific "font family" references from custom widgets so that the fonts used in Daylight will be applied.

How does Daylight perform for users with dial-up internet access? What is the minimum network speed/bandwidth required for Daylight

Daylight doesn't put extra requirements on the speed of a user's network connection, so it should perform similarly to pre-Daylight in regard to network speed. I am not aware of a minimum connection speed, though a low bandwidth connection will certainly require more patience.