D2L Banner Integration

Effective in summer 2020, IUP implemented integration between Banner and D2L. This integration adds new features that allow for real-time data processing between the two environments and the ability to push grades directly to Banner.

A summary of the enhancements added to D2L:

  • Gradebook integration with Banner (for submitting midterm and final grades)
    • Batch Submit grades to the Registrar's Office
    • N grade will require date of last attendance
  • Real-time course enrollment
    • Enrollment processing delay eliminated
    • Students will have instant access to a course (if faculty has set course to active in D2L)
  • Course shells will be available as soon as the course is created in Banner.
  • Automatic Course Cross-listing
    • Cross-listed courses will no longer need to have a meta course requested.
    • For example, some graduate and undergraduate courses, business and non-business, cross-discipline course listings
  • Banner ID and Username will now appear for instructors in the following locations:
    • Gradebook
    • Classlist
    • Class Progress
  • Descriptive course names from Banner
    • Old: Spring 2019 PSYC 101 001
    • New: Spring 2019 General Psychology (PSYC-101-001)