Common Desire2Learn Tasks for Instructors

Below are links to the numerous topics available for assistance with D2L. Videos are also included for various topics.

General Information
(includes log in, system check, student pictures)

Navigation in D2L
(includes tips and tools for course navigation and how to pin courses for the My Courses widget)

Getting the Semester Started Using D2L
(includes activating courses, importing content from other courses, and publisher tool)

Organizing Content and Keeping Students on Track
(includes attendance, calendars, and managing dates and files)

Administering a Course
(includes using course offering information, course activation, import/export content, release conditions, replacement strings, and SCORM)

Building a Course and Adding Course Materials
(includes uploading files, setting up tools, and HTML editor)

Collaboration and Communication
(includes discussion, groups, chat, blogs, email location, seating charts, etc.)


MS Stream Information