How to Use Rules to Block Spam in Imail

  • If you are repeatedly receiving spam messages that have some common characteristic, you can block these by establishing filtering rules in imail.

    1. Login to imail at You must use the imail layout to access the Rules settings.
    2. Click Rules.
    3. Click Edit advanced rules.

    4. Enter the rule name, then click create.

    5. Click edit next to the rule you just created.

    6. Enter the appropriate criteria for the filter. For example, if you wish to block e-mail messages that contain "kangaroo" in the Subject field, you would enter the following:

      • For Data, select Subject to indicate that you are comparing the parameter to the Subject field.
      • For Operation, select Is to indicate that the data must match the parameter.
      • For Parameter, enter *kangaroo*
        The asterisks are wildcard characters and they are required.
      • For Action, it is recommended that you use Mark with the parameter of Junk. This will simply flag the message as spam (it will appear in your Inbox list in a red font), and you can verify that the rule is functioning properly. When you have verified that the rule works, change the Action to Discard with no parameter.
    7. Click Apply Changes.
    8. If you need to add additional criteria, repeat steps 6 and 7.
    9. Click Save.

    If you wish to block messages using the From address, but can’t determine the From address by viewing the message, you’ll need to view the headers of the message and look for the e-mail address in the line that begins with “From:”.

    In imail:

    1. View the message.
    2. Click Full Headers. If you don’t see Full Headers, click the triangle to the left of Subject.