Posting to a Moodle Forum

  • This article discusses ways that you can respond to a Moodle forum. If you are not familiar with forums, here are some terminologies that will help you to better understand Moodle forums.

    • Discussion Topic: The subject matter to be discussed. Normally initiated by the instructor, but students can also initiate subject matter that can be used for discussion.
    • Post: A user-submitted message, usually in response or reply to a topic.
    • Thread: A collection of posts under a topic.

    How you respond to a forum is determined by what directions you are given by your instructor. The general options are outlined below.

    The first step is to login to the Moodle course and select the desired forum link from the course home page.

    Adding a New Discussion Topic

    Your instructor may request that students enter the discussion topic(s) for the class. In this case, you would select the Add a New Discussion Topic button found just underneath the direction entered by your instructor (as shown by the red arrow).  

    On the Add a New Discussion page, enter both a Subject and a Message for your post. As indicated by the red asterisks, you must type something in each of these fields to be able to make your post. The message area is an edit box and has features similar to a word processor that will permit you to format your message. When you have completed entering your message, select the Post to Forum button at the bottom of the page.  

    Replying to a Topic

    You may be asked to reply to discussion messages posted by either your instructor or your peers. To reply to a message, enter a forum and click on a discussion.  

    The link takes you to an editing box where you type in your reply to the topic. When you are have completed your entry or post, click on the Post to Forum button at the bottom of the edit screen. 

    If you do not see a reply button, you will need to contact your instructor, as he or she may place restrictions on forums as to who and when a student can reply.