How to Take a Moodle Quiz

  • This articles discusses the basic steps involved in taking a Moodle online quiz.

    1. Login to the Moodle course and select the desired quiz link from the course home page.
    2. The quiz introduction screen provides you with the title of the quiz, any instructions provided by your instructor, the dates the quiz is available, and the time available to you to take the quiz. After reviewing this information, click the Attempt Quiz Now button (as shown by the red arrow) to begin your quiz.  
    3. After selecting the Attempt Quiz Now button, you will see a dialog box that will remind you if the quiz has a time limit and how many attempts you are permitted. To proceed, click Start Attempt. 
    4. Your quiz will then begin. The quiz may open in a new window if the instructor has selected this option. One or more questions will be displayed on each page. A “map” of the questions on the quiz and your time remaining will appear to the left of the questions. Questions to which you have responded will appear greyed out; questions you have skipped will appear white. If the instructor allows, you can click on the question number at left to jump back to a specific question.  
    5. When you are ready to submit your quiz, click on Finish the attempt in the quiz navigation at left. Alternately, you will be prompted to submit your attempt once you have moved through all of the questions on the quiz. Prior to submitting your attempt, you will be presented with an attempt summary that will tell you if there are any questions you have not answered. 

      When you are ready, click Submit all and finish.  
    6. The confirmation screen will appear. Click Submit All and Finish to finalize your submission.  
    7. Following the submission of your quiz, your instructor may give you feedback and provide you with the option to review how you responded and the items on which you scored correctly or incorrectly. This feedback may look similar to what is shown in the image below. The map on the right shows the questions answered incorrectly (red), correctly (green), and the items for which the student received partial credit (yellow). The student’s score appears at the top of the screen. In this case, he or she got a 5 out of 10 or a 50%. Lastly, we see how the student responded to a question. In this case the student answered incorrectly, as denoted by the red bar and red X next to the student response.  M2Quiz6