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Adding a File as a Resource in Moodle

  • One of the many common tasks that instructors will need to do in Moodle is to upload files. One way this can done is by adding the file as a Resource.

    The instructions for uploading a file as a Resource are as follows:

    1. Once you have logged into Moodle, navigate to your course, then go the upper right-hand corner of the course home page and select “Turn on editing.”

    2. In the desired weekly or topic block of the course, select “Link to a file or website” from the Add a Resource drop-down menu, as indicated by the red arrow below.



    3. In the Adding a New Resource window, you will need to enter a title for the resource in the Name box: for example, Course Syllabus. You must complete the information for this box, as it is a required field. Next, select the “Choose or upload a file” button, as indicated by the red arrow below.



    4. You are directed to the Files area window. Select the “Upload a file” button, as shown by the red arrow below.



    5. Browse to the location on your computer or networked drive where the file is located. Once you have located the desired file, select the “Upload this file” button, as shown by the red arrow below.



    6. You are returned to the Files area of Moodle, and you should see the file you uploaded. Next, select the “Choose” button next to the file you want to add as a resource, as shown by the red arrow below.



      This places the filename in the Location box on the Add a new Resource window.



    Important Note

    When linking to a file, always choose “Same Window” instead of “New Window” for the Window setting. This will prevent problems with Internet Explorer.

    Please note: You can use “New Window” for website links.

    Scroll down to the bottom of the window and select the “Save and return to course” button. You will be directed back to the course home page, where you will see the resource you just added.