Using Extra Credit in Moodle

  • This article will explain the use of Moodle extra credit. In Moodle, extra credit can be applied to a single grade item or to a category. This means that the grade item’s maximum grade or category’s total will not be added to the course total. Extra credit is only applied if the student has less than the maximum points for the grade item or category.

    To use extra credit, you must choose one of two aggregations: either “Sum of Grades” or “Simple Weighted Mean of Grades.” To use a grade item as extra credit, simply create the grade item by using the Add a grade item button at the bottom of the Categories and Items screen. After the item is created and you have returned to the Categories and Items screen, select the box next to the item in the Extra Credit column (as shown by the red arrow), then select the Save changes button. In this example, the 10 points from the extra credit are not reflected in the course total.



    In this example of the Grader Report view, you will see the item set to be extra credit (as shown by the red arrow). If you look at the course total for Student 2, it may not seem that the extra credit has been added (as shown by the red circle). The extra credit has been added, but Moodle will not permit more than the maximum for the grade item to be displayed. However, Student 1’s regular points total only 70 without the extra credit. That student’s course total reflects the extra 10 points he or she earned from the extra credit (as shown by the red square).