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Importing Grades into Moodle Using a Comma Separated Value .csv File

  • If you use an Excel spreadsheet to record grades for your students, you can import the grades into your Moodle course gradebook. The steps are outlined below:

    1. Make sure the file to be imported has been saved as a .csv (comma separated value) file. This can be done using MS Excel.

    2. Go to the desired Moodle course and select Grades from the Administration block, and then select the Import tab.

    3. Next select the Browse button and locate the file to be uploaded. Make sure the radio button next to Comma is selected. Once you have located the file, click the Upload grades button. You can increase the number of rows that will be displayed on the next screen by selecting the drop-down menu next to Preview rows. Next, select the Upload grades button.



    4. On the Import preview screen, you will need to map the import information in the Identify user by section.

      From the “Map from” drop-down menu, select ID number (which is the column title from the file). Next, using the “Map to” drop-down, select useridnumber to use for the import process (as indicated by the red arrow). This method is advantageous since the Banner IDs are loaded as part of the enrollment process for the course.



    5. In the "Grade item mappings" section, select the drop-down menu next to the name of the column with new or updated information. In this example, it is titled “5 Pt Assignment.” Next, under the "gradeitem" heading, highlight that same column name (as shown by the red arrow). You will need to do this for each column that has new or updated information. If you leave a column that has new or updated information set to ignore, then no data will be imported. When you have made all your selections, click on the Upload grades button.



    6. When the grades are imported successfully, you should see “Grade import success” in green text. Select the Continue button to go back to the gradebook. Review the gradebook to make sure all the new data has been imported correctly.