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Import a Test Scoring Data File into Moodle

  • This procedure requires that the students put in their IUP username in the last name field on the General Purpose Answer Sheet (GPAS) form.  This will allow you to map the correct score with the correct student during import.  For assistance with the GPAS or Test Scoring please the Test Scoring Service Page. 

    After you have received the electronic data file in your email you will need to verify that the .csv is correct.  Open the .csv file in Excel or a similar program and verify that the Student LName column contains the students' IUP usernames.  If they are not correct you will need to fix them before import, otherwise the import will fail.  Save the file on your computer.

    These steps will outline how to import the .csv file into Moodle.

    1. In the Gradebook for the Moodle course you want to import into choose the Import Tab.


    1. Click the Browse button to find your .csv file.
    2. Click the Upload grades button.
    3. Select Student LName from the Map From dropdown.  This is the column that the students should put their IUP username. 
    4. Select the username in the Map To dropdown.   This field is the IUP username inside of Moodle.
    5. If you want to include the results of the whole test in the Gradebook, select the dropdown beside TotalCorrect and choose new gradeitem.


    1. Click the Upload grades button.
    2. You should receive a "Grade Import Success" message on the next screen, if not you will have to troubleshoot the message that is returned, and then start from step 1.


    1. Select the View Tab and you should see the newly imported column call TotalCorrect.  You can rename this column and set other properties for the column using the Categories and Items tab.